… And body becomes beauty

Body becomes beauty with this orchestrated piece made up of four key products,

patiently composed by Sentéales thanks to its professional experience in the greatest spas and beauty salons.

Sensory pleasure is perfectly in tune with Sentéales’ absolute effectiveness in a holistic line dedicated to the body. It harmoniously balances essential oils and the most precious active ingredients such as sacred lotus, neroli or pure gold, not forgetting the elegant simplicity of French mint and the certainty of soothing sweet almond.

These rare formulas have many beneficial qualities, from firmer skin with the Botanical firming cream to the Glittering Oil and its dazzling caress. And if, in a sunny garden strewn with Amazonian guaraná berries and precious amber, Sentéales may sometimes lend a cool breeze, it is for your comfort and ease, thanks to the Freshness gel.

With its unrivalled levels of natural ingredients and a range of packs marked in Braille to be more inclusive…and also exclusive with eco-designed and virtuous packaging, Sentéales offers a modern and engaged interpretation of Botany, the parent science to aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

Firming cream

The perfect balance

A few delicious gourmet notes announce the appearance of a perfectly sculpted silhouette.
At the heart of Sentéales’ Botanical firming cream is a complex of remarkable active ingredients that helps shape the body and firm the skin.
Its melting texture enriched with sacred lotus extracts, scarlet guaraná berries and bitter orange flower water provides tone and softness.

Botanical firming cream leaves the skin infinitely soft and shapes the contours of a sublime body.

Certified EVE VEGAN.
Biopolymer tube made from sugar cane residue.
FSC pack with Braille.




In the 18th century, guaraná took on its scientific name “Paulliniacupana” named after botanist F.C. Paullini who discovered the plant and introduced it to Europe.

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Sacred Lotus

In Japan, it is no surprise that the lotus is seen as the symbol of eternal youth; its seeds have anti-oxidant properties and are practically eternal while its rhizomes are full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

Coffee beans

Originally from Ethiopia then exported to Europe in the 17th century from the port of Mokha in Yemen, coffee applied to the skin is an excellent vascular tonic that effectively helps fight cellulite.


Orange peel & dimples

The word cellulite is inseparable from fashion. It appeared at the end of the 1920s when clothes became shorter and sport become a more generalised activity. Women became more visible and the stars of the time
(Louise Brooks, Alice White, Mistinguett…) were the ambassadors of a new, slender body shape.

Cellulite was seen as poison for the body and it was at that time that a new skinny stereotype appeared in a society that was for the most part averse to fat. In varying degrees, this has lasted until today…

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Gentle & precious scrub

Sentéales Botanical Body Scrub boasts a brand new combination of precious amber, rice and sweet almond husk. As a fine, precious powder, it removes impurities and dead skin cells while smoothing skin texture.
The sacred lotus extracts with their soothing and purifying properties,
bitter orange flower water and creamy shea butter rich in vitamins A and E provide hydration and softness.

As part of a holistic ritual with delicate fruity notes,
skin rediscovers radiance and freshness.

Vegan certified scrub.
Biopolymer tube made from sugar cane residue.
FSC pack with Braille.

Freshness gel

A conforting tingle

Sentéales Freshness gel for Lighter Legs combines the properties of plants
with an intense tingling sensation. Its gel texture ensures quick absorption and an immediate cooling effect.

Peppermint essential oil patiently harvested in France, menthol and camphor all help relax, tone and refresh legs for a lighter feel.

EVE VEGAN certified Freshness gel.
Biopolymer tube made from sugar cane residue.
FSC pack with Braille.



Little details…

Freshness gel light legs

Refreshing and stimulating, peppermint makes our body happy…especially tired legs.
With its mint essential oil in the Freshness gel Light Legs, Sentéales promotes French farmers and uses short distribution networks.


For people who can see, the language takes on a mysterious edge inviting you to touch. We put Braille on our boxes to provide the visually impaired or blind access to product information.

Sugar cane

Concern for the environment is a major challenge and the Sentéales Laboratory has been a pioneer many times in this area using polymers made from sugar cane residue for our packaging, plant-based inks…

Body OIL

A divine caress

Once upon a time, a wish came true for a divine caress wrapping the body in ultimate comfort.
Body Oil celebrates the combination of Polynesian pearl that enhances the skin and voluptuous black rose, rich in beneficial flavonoids.
Myrrh and magnolia essential oils, sweet almond oil, combine with extracts of mimosa tenuiflora bark and prickly pear.
With a captivating scent, this precious oil helps to hydrate and leaves the body delicately satin soft. 


Glittering oil


Once upon a time there was an oil that sparkled and shone, a constellation of dazzling pure gold.

Glittering Oil illuminates the face and body with an irresistible halo of light. From the litsea it borrows a delicate citrus fragrance while the mint provides vitality and freshness.

The fruit of the prickly pear with its anti-oxidant properties and precious rose, rich in beneficial flavonoids, combine with the bark of the mimosa tenuiflora.
Sweet almond oil moisturises and protects the hair and skin.
This nude version of our Body Oil captures the light and draws the eye to reveal satin-soft and sublime sparkling skin for both face and body.

EVE VEGAN certified dry oil.
FSC pack with Braille.



Professional expertise

Invite your senses to discover the combination of the best age-old massage techniques inherited from all over the world, combined with the precious and virtuous ingredients in the Sentéales botanical range:
sacred lotus, bitter orange, guaraná, precious amber, gold dust…
Be transported by unique body care treatments that combine sensory Escapes and effectiveness in a holistic approach.
The massages are so perfectly in line with the plants and their benefits, our expert beauticians transform every treatment into a well-being break for the body and mind.

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