Professional expertise

Sentéales has a selection of exclusive treatments for the face and body to meet everyone’s needs.

As discovery and escape are values very dear to us, these treatments have been grouped together under the generic title of “Escape”. They reflect the true balance between the performance of our products formulated with natural active ingredients and the purest essential oils and the precision of carefully choreographed movements.

Conclusive results do not obscure the fact that beauty therapy is, first and foremost, a sensitive science corroborated by care and trust. The consultation allows the beautician to recommend the most suitable treatment or product. It will match the person’s skin type (seborrhoeic, non-lipidic, normal, combination) and condition (mature, sensitive, etc.) and meet all the requirements of the person being treated.

These “Escapes” are provided in the most beautiful spaces and greatest beauty salons around the world by beauty therapists who we train ourselves.


Treatment list

What if the best way to arrive was on a dotted line…
Every man and every woman is a discovery, a precious elsewhere. The Sentéales Escapes are home to expertly choreographed movements and hidden treasures: the insolent Oriental rose and its rival in jet black, the darkest pearl that is myrtle…
If Sentéales is a journey, each of its Escapes is a moment suspended in time, an instant ashore, a beautiful face…


Introductory treatment – All skin types


Eye area


Combination and oily skin prone to imperfections


Sensitive and dry skin


Dry and dehydrated skin


Dull skin and pigmentation marks


Smoothing, firming and lightening treatment


Complete anti-ageing treatment


Specific treatments


The Ocean Mask is used for professional treatments for all skin types. Rich in alginates and hyaluronic acid, with its occlusive effect this peel-off mask will improve skin hydration and retain its flexibility and elasticity.

Peel-off mask…

The Peel-off mask with iris extracts gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells and impurities.
Its action promotes an immediate reduction in lines and wrinkles.
With this professional treatment, skin texture is smoother and more even.

The Tool…

The Tool is the name of the cult massage tool developed specially by Sentéales by its expert beauticians. The seemingly simple shape is designed by professional experience and enables multiple and clever uses…

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The signature treatment

It was natural to devise a magnificent Sentéalia treatment for the best spas and beauty salons.

At the heart of this alchemy with the “S” treatment, Sentéales puts the quintessence of the brand’s professional expertise at your fingertips with a brand-new tactile experience.

This choreography is inspired by age-old techniques and the letter “S” with its full curves and lines, for skin blooming with youthful energy and a moment untouched by time.

Over 84 active ingredients will reveal the skin’s youthfulness.

The “S” treatment represents an encounter between a prestigious cream and a letter, the promise of a face aglow with youth.



Introductory Escape

Ideal for women in a hurry who want to infuse their skin with radiance.
A short visit but a long-haul trip personalised to your skin type. This treatment is the solution tailor-made to your concerns.

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Seasonal Escape

If the face is the reflection of emotions, the skin is the mirror to your lifestyle. Dull and tired, it clouds the true expression of your personality. When mind and appearance are no longer in sync, you are quite simply “uncomfortable in your own skin”.

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Passion Escape

The fluid texture of Teint Passion provides adjustable coverage and enhances skin tone whilst moisturising the face. Passiflora seed oil and peach and aloe extracts soothe and protect.

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Treatment list

Invite your senses to discover the combination of the best age-old massage techniques inherited from all over the world, combined with the precious and virtuous ingredients in the Sentéales botanical range: sacred lotus, bitter orange, guaraná, precious amber, gold dust…

Be transported by unique body care treatments that combine sensory Escapes and effectiveness in a holistic approach.

The massages are so perfectly in line with the plants and their benefits, our expert beauticians transform every treatment into a well-being break for the body and mind.



Exfoliating & enhancing treatment

Slimming & firming treatment

Draining treatment


… And body becomes beauty

Body becomes beauty with this orchestrated piece made up of four key products, patiently composed by Sentéales thanks to its professional experience in the greatest spas and beauty salons.

Sensory pleasure is perfectly in tune with Sentéales absolute effectiveness in a holistic line dedicated to the body. It harmoniously balances essential oils and the most precious active ingredients such as sacred lotus, neroli or pure gold, not forgetting the elegant simplicity of French mint and the certainty of soothing sweet almond.

These rare formulas have many beneficial qualities, from firmer skin with the Botanical Firming Cream to the Glittering Oil
and its dazzling caress. And if, in a sunny garden strewn with Amazonian guaraná berries and precious amber, Sentéales may sometimes lend a cool breeze, it is for comfort and ease, thanks to the Freshness Gel.

With its unrivalled level of natural ingredients and a range of packs marked in Braille to be more inclusive…and also exclusive with eco-designed and virtuous packaging, Sentéales offers a modern and engaged interpretation of Botany, the parent science to aromatherapy and phytotherapy.


Attention to detail…

To offer the most immersive treatment possible and help beauticians with these Escapes, as well as its products for professionals the Sentéales Laboratory has a complete range of linen and has accessorised its treatments with a unique massage tool, made in France by a famous artisan, and an essential brush. Its attention to detail and care also extends to a recipe booklet for thirst-quenching, healthy drinks.



Botanical Escape

For soft skin, combine precious exfoliation with amber, rice and almond husk in the Botanical Scrub with the Enchanted Oil that will nourish the body and leave it satin-soft.

Shape Escape

Firm the stomach, bottom, thighs, slim and tone the complete body…results are visible from the first few weeks with the application of Sentéales treatments combined with a massage technique that draws inspiration from all over the world.

Light as a feather

This Escape will stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation to reduce heavy legs.
This treatment that combines massage with the application of Sentéales Cooling Gel helps tone and refresh. It leaves legs as light as a feather, ready to embark on other Escapes…