Haute culture

Reap what you sow…

Haute Culture according to Sentéales describes a vision of reinvented, authentic cosmetics, revealing the most exclusive of materials.

With Collection Privée, it unveils bespoke cosmetics freed from traditional conventions and incarnates inspired and inspiring products.

It celebrates art with L’Atelier. It enhances artisan expertise all the better to share it with the world, whether the artist is English and has decorated a bottle with ribbon or a famous manufacturer of 19th century-inspired spinning tops who made “the Tool”, our massage utensil.

Haute Culture can also create an atmosphere, the spirit of a place. Our fragrant Ginger candle evokes faraway climes but was of course designed and produced in Grasse, the birthplace of perfumery.



Designed to match seasons, harvests and people, the Collection Privée celebrates a bold elegance.

Violet, the brand’s emblematic colour, illuminates the dark bottles, these melting pots of rare, uncompromising formulas.

The talisman materials of Collection Privée, pure gold melds with rose and black orchid to compose a poem celebrating the brilliance of infinite black, an intense mirror to emotions.

Precious and singular, Collection Privée is faithful to the brand’s commitments, helping build a desirable future and giving back to Nature the part that Sentéales owes.


Aesthetic sense

Sentéalia directly envelops the skin with a majestic caress and reveals skin that is radiant with youth. With this product, Sentéales creates perfect harmony between the properties of the most precious natural active ingredients and advanced high-performing anti-age research.

The opulent notes of rose, orchid and caviar extracts blend with water from alpine glaciers encouraging hydration of the skin and protecting longevity. Gold illuminates and helps fight oxidative stress every day. It provides effective protection for the skin against premature ageing.

Rich in flavonoids, ginkgo biloba and pomegranate extract offer great protection for the skin’s cells. Black truffle provides a very high quantity of minerals, vitamins and moisturising ingredients which regenerate and nourish the skin in an exceptional way. Ginseng, aloe vera, oat grain, macadamia nuts… What makes Sentéalia different from a mere list of components is a very clever formulation, the Laboratory’s signature which gets the very best out of these remarkable active ingredients.

Several years of research have increased the effectiveness of this bold combination of natural extracts.

In step with its time, the heir to modern aromatherapy and botany, Sentéalia is the complete expression of the Laboratory’s vision, the perfect combination of elegance, glamour and hedonism, nature and environmental standards.



24 Carats…

From the legendary King Midas to the feverish desire of the first gold panners, the unchanging sparkle of gold has always fascinated us. What few people know is that the metal has protective and anti-oxidant properties, making it precious for cosmetics and a hidden treasure for Sentéalia.

Black diamond

Truffles have not always been a refined, rare and sought-after ingredient. On the contrary, they were for a long time hidden before becoming so precious…
According to Theophrastus, they are born of the earth’s water and lightning striking the ground…

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Sentéalia uses this ruby red fruit, inspiration for Paul Valéry’s poem, in its bold composition because of its anti-oxidant properties. Bursting with vitamins, flavonoids and tannins, pomegranate encourages the renewal of skin cells. It owes its purple-red colour to anthocyans, natural pigments.


The signature treatment

It was natural to devise a magnificent Sentéalia treatment for the best spas and beauty salons.

In the heart of this alchemy, with the “S” treatment Sentéales puts the quintessence of the brand’s professional expertise at your fingertips and with the specially designed massage tools, with a brand new tactile experience.

This choreography is inspired by age-old techniques and the letter “S” with its full curves and lines, for skin blooming with youthful energy and a moment untouched by time.

Over 84 active ingredients will reveal the skin’s youthfulness.

The “S” treatment represents an encounter between a prestigious cream and a letter, the promise of a face aglow with youth.

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The Tool

The Tool is the cult massage utensil developed specially by L’Atelier Sentéales for its expert beauticians. The seemingly simple shape is designed by professional experience and enables multiple and clever uses, making it the ideal tool for every woman’s beauty and pleasure.

L’Atelier Sentéales joined forces with Philippe Chaqueneau, the famous manufacturer of collectible spinning tops inspired by 19th century models, with the ambition of promoting French expertise. Each tool is unique, created and meticulously hand-crafted in Indre.

Boxwood was chosen for this massage tool. Used for chess pieces and known for its baroque arabesques in French-style gardens, it was selected for its density and exceptional hardness.

This wood with its lemon tints is the symbol of perseverance and fulfilment. While the shape of The Tool is reminiscent of a spinning top, the wood evokes the idea of a perpetual renaissance.


Made in Grasse

Ginger invites us on a journey to a far-flung destination, an Indian trader where the fresh and optimistic notes of candied ginger and cardamom blend together, a spice market with its enveloping, vanilla-based fragrances.

Whilst it embodies a desire to get away from it all and experience something new, it is nevertheless here, in Grasse, that the dream comes true, with this natural candle, perpetuating the expertise of master candle makers.


Ginger – The details

Natural wax

Ginger is a natural candle. The wax is made of entirely natural GMO-free products like soy, coconut oil and beeswax. It contains no palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.
Its 100% cotton wick guarantees the best possible scent diffusion.


It may evoke faraway climes but it is in Grasse, of course, that Ginger perpetuates the expertise of master candle makers. Since the 17th century, the town has been considered the world’s perfume capital.

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Cardamom from the Malabar coast in southern India is a refined spice, famous in perfumery. We chose it for the contrast between its citrusy edge, slightly camphor scent and delicate warm and sensual notes, reminiscent of the aromas of dark chocolate and cocoa.