The many faces of beauty…

Sentéales offers a unique alchemy between charm and effectiveness. It celebrates authentic roots based on expert knowledge of aromatherapy. The Laboratory is an inescapable reference for formulation, particularly in the art of complex blends of the most precious and innovative essential oils and active plant ingredients.

In its perfect garden, you will find plant extracts and essential oils of magnolia, camellia, black and Damask rose, cherry blossom, bitter orange, pomegranate, myrrh…

But strength lies less in abundance and variety and more in pertinent choices and clever combinations that will offer infinite possibilities adapted to every skin type. Sentéales has a short and clear face care range, an invitation to a unique sensory experience.

The possibility of using products together in synergy (the most emblematic example being the use of our iconic Elixir d’Arômes to heighten the effects of our serums and creams) means that beauticians can develop “tailor-made” routines adapted to the needs and desires of every customer.



After a tough day when the face has had to deal with many outside aggressions, the skin’s purity needs to be replenished and its protective hydrolipidic film rebalanced.

To achieve this, Sentéales has designed five fundamental treatments, ideal for everyday use, enriched with high-performance active plant ingredients like magnolia, green tea extract, grapefruit and kelp.

Among these essentials are the Invigorating Mist with its citrus notes that will tone and purify the face, the Freshness Tonic Lotion and the Gentle Make-up Remover with magnolia extracts, the Cleansing Foam Cream that removes all traces of make-up and the highly addictive Gentle Scrub that combines ground almond and rice powder and has a delicious fragrance.

The products remove make up, exfoliate and gently cleanse to comfortably remove impurities and prepare the face for its regular skin care.




A fascinating tree, the magnolia incites humility. Researchers have found traces of the tree before the Cretaceous extinction; the last dinosaurs encountered this tree before their disappearance, while man was still a long way off…

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Creamy and delicate, the soap-free texture of the Cleansing Foam Cream removes impurities and 

all traces of make-up from the skin. Then simply rinse with cold water to stimulate blood circulation and the skin’s natural radiance.

Mini & green…

Did you know that for the bottles of our miniature versions of make-up remover and lotion we use the world’s first plastic made from a renewable source: sugar cane?

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Rice…is nice

In the cosmetics world, rice represents a rediscovery.

The (uncovered) secret of geishas, it was under France’s Old Regime that rice powder was commonly used by elegant noble women. Pale skin illuminated by blush and studded with beauty spots, those famous little pieces of black taffeta used cleverly like a secret code, were the cornerstones of beauty that today seems outdated.

After a return to fashion during the Belle Époque, today rice is a highly sought-after ingredient: A seed essential for beauty, that is natural and kind to sensitive skin.

Combined with mallow, the rice powder in Sentéales Gentle Scrub is an excellent natural exfoliant.
It gently removes impurities while evening skin tone.

Our scrub is formulated for women looking for soft skin and a gentler scrub.


With my beautician…

If the face is the reflection of emotions, the skin is the mirror to your lifestyle. Dull and tired, it clouds the true expression of your personality. When mind and appearance are no longer in sync, you are quite simply “uncomfortable in your own skin”.

Long sleepless nights, insufficient hydration, pollution…but most importantly a lack of care herald the appearance of clouds (spots), often dark (blackheads) and sometimes stormy (lines and wrinkles)…

To correct these imperfections, say goodbye to grey days and simply get your skin healthy again, all aboard for our Detox Experience, a strange word to describe rebirth and a return to health.


Élixir – Serum – Cream

The epidermis loses its elasticity and the first wrinkles begin to appear as soon as skin cell renewal starts to slow. The tissues loosen.

The best solution is the global Vitality treatment. Its active ingredients boost cellular renewal, strengthen and restructure support fibres in the epidermis by acting on the skin’s firmness.

The use of unsaponifiable soy, centella and marigold oils with softening and soothing properties ensure the complete Vitality treatment is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and skin with a tendency for redness.


Élixir – Serum – Cream

Soft Elixir

For an immediate satin-soft effect and to soothe sensitive fragile skin, Soft Elixir is a concentrate of essential oils and plant extracts and is particularly suitable for the most delicate skin.

Vitality Serum

A delicate serum, highly concentrated. Soy extract regenerates the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and encouraging firmness. Mukul myrrh bark helps plump the skin.

Vitality Cream

Formulated with a powerful cocktail of active plant ingredients (centella, raspberry seed oil, unsaponifiable soy, Shea butter), it protects delicate, fragile skin from external attack.

Soft Elixir


In the family of the 4 Sentéales elixirs, Soft Elixir is a solution for tightness, and redness often aggravated by stress and tiredness.

A caring elixir specially formulated for delicate skin, it contains a concentrate of precious essential oils of magnolia, bitter orange and lavender that will soften and comfort the skin. Unsaponifiable soy combined with marigold, raspberry seed and centella asiatica oils immediately calm and soothe delicate and sensitive skin.

The go-to product for sensitive skin, applying a few drops of Élixir d’Arômes Softness soothes even the most delicate skin.

It also boosts circulation of the active ingredients in the Serum and Vitality Cream.


Élixir – Serum – Cream

Insolent Youth represents the very essence of anti-ageing products.

Correcting the signs of time, the trilogy (elixir, serum and cream) uses over twenty-five plant extracts and the rarest and most precious aromas. These treatments have exceptional powers. They are genuine concentrates of effectiveness at their purest state. The most majestic essential oils are blended to dizzyingly high standards then combined with other natural active ingredients, distilling all their properties at the service of insolent youth.

Insolent Youth represents a unique sensory experience where helichrysum rubs shoulders with myrrh, Damask rose, cabreuva wood and also sweet almond and mandarin orange.

Textures and fragrances that offer divine comfort.


The ultimate treatment with 25 plant extracts

Anti-Ageing Oil

The synergy of rose, helichrysum, Roman chamomile, myrrh and lavender essential oils helps stimulate and regenerate the skin.

Insolent Youth

This highly concentrated plant cocktail envelops the skin with a protective and comfortable film.

Peptides combined with hyaluronic acid help reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles.

Insolent Youth

A meltingly soft texture and velvety feel envelops the skin in the ultimate comfort…

Raspberry seed and helichrysum oils help keep skin younger.


Nectar for the skin…

Our Insolent Youth Serum is an unbelievable sensory experience.

In its mysterious purple bottle, this rare product envelops the skin with a protective and comfortable film. Serum and nectar for the skin, brand-new and easily identifiable, it is famous for its undeniable action on the skin’s visible signs of ageing and its anti-free radical properties.

Beach buds, aloe, grapefruit seed essential oil, Morello cherry flower extract (small bitter cherry), soy glycine… The blend of these active plant ingredients combined with natural hyaluronic acid mean this product is a genuine testimony to Sentéales expertise: extremely pleasant to use and expertly effective. Cleverly composed, this bouquet of youthfulness administers its beneficial properties to produce radiant skin.

Born and made in France, adored in Europe, it has many afficionadas from Tokyo to Dubai and Seoul.


When the night comes…

Day creams, night creams… The first are known for their protection. The second are famed for their repairing properties.

The reality is often more nuanced. We know that at night skin is subject to less aggression and is therefore more receptive to active ingredients (especially between two and four in the morning). But it is also important not to ask too much of it.

For a sensible anti-ageing routine for those who like night creams, our beauticians recommend reasonable use of one single cream: Insolent Youth.

An essential day cream, the formulation of Insolent Youth Cream is also particularly well-suited to night-time use. It will happily supplement the protective Serum, applied during the day and at night you can combine it with a few drops of Insolent Youth Elixir to boost its effects.

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Switch on the light…

If your face is under the weather, Sentéales has a range of treatments to use in synergy, energising skin tone and acting on pigmentation marks.

A selection of active ingredients including witch-hazel, gentiana, known for its astringent properties, samphire, rich in marine salt, iodine and minerals, the unexpected pea, Roman camomile and niacinamide which reboosts micro-circulation and alleviates brown marks, acting on the main biological mechanisms that cause skin pigmentation. Tone is uniform, the face rediscovers radiance and brightness.


Sentéales Purifying Mask tightens pores and leaves skin clean and radiant. It smooths away signs of tiredness and instantly reveals radiant skin.


Switch on the light…

Radiance Oil

Essential oils of lemongrass, pink peppercorn, cinnamon, lavender and bitter almond help reveal perfect tone and natural radiance.

Purifying Oil

An energy concentrate to wake up cells. Its natural fragrances create a delicate sensation of freshness, comfort and well-being. Geranium, lemon, lavender and mint help purify and tone the skin.

Radiance Cream

Once upon a time: The princess and the pea, a vitamin with superpowers, 85.7% natural ingredients and the promise of even skin tone with glow and radiance.



With its fresh and light texture, Radiance Cream offers the face natural radiance and a return to even skin tone.

With its ideal concentration of niacinamide, the vitamin with superpowers, it illuminates and evens tone and plumps the skin…for a feeling of extreme comfort. Niacinamide improves skin elasticity and hydration and is combined with Roman camomile flower water with its soothing qualities.

Grown in the kitchen gardens of the Château de Versailles and enjoyed by the Sun King, peas contain astonishing properties that are very good for the skin.

A source of minerals and amino acids including lysine, essential for the production of collagen and elastin, the pea gently contributes to the skin’s radiance.

Like the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, without a doubt the pea in Radiance Cream has all it needs to reveal the princess that slumbers inside every woman.




Not that recent a find… Regularly rediscovered, it was not until 1873 that Hugo Weidel provided a detailed description of it. Niacinamide actually dates back to prehistoric times.

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Chlorophyll makes it green but it also contains two yellow pigments that it shares with carrots. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the epidermis from free radicals, lessening the effects of ageing.


Roman camomile flower water soothes sensitive skin and revives radiance.

This herbal distillate, an ingredient in Radiance Cream, is known for its gentleness and calming properties.

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Nourish – Hydrate – Protect

When the weather is difficult and playful, likely to be hot or cold, when there’s a gentle breeze or a howling storm…when it’s going to you blow you out of your skin…

When you are under attack from the unforeseeable, when your skin loses its elasticity and begs for soothing nourishment, it is vital to boost hydration.

Sentéales has devised and designed Intense Source, a moisturising range with delicate textures and unrivalled comfort. Cherry blossom, rich in flavonoids and protective, anti-oxidant tannins is combined with raspberry seed oil (vitamin E) and hyaluronic acid, recognised for its intense plumping power.

Every skin needs water every day but dry skin needs hydration even more. Dry skin does not mean dehydrated skin. And a lack of water does not necessarily result in dry skin.

Sentéales has a trio, Intense Source Cream & Mask and Soleil Intense for dry, thirsty skin. With their natural and precious active ingredients, they provide water and lipids, essential for better protected and radiant skin.

Teint Passion, our fluid foundation, provides adjustable coverage and enhances skin tone whilst moisturising the skin.


Nourish – Hydrate – Protect

Intense Source Mask

With its combination of active plant ingredients and natural hyaluronic acid, this sensory mask fights dryness and rehydrates the skin.

Intense Source Cream

Cherry blossom and raspberry seed oil provide relief for dry skin and softness.

Intense Source Cream hydrates and strengthens tissue elasticity.

Intense Sun

The delicate texture of Soleil Intense with its powerful protection from the sun is enriched with restorative and soothing mimosa tenuiflora extracts and blackcurrant seed oil. It leaves the face ideally hydrated and ensures an even tan.

Intense Source cream


Cherry blossom

The cherry blossom in Intense Source Cream and Mask is carefully harvested in France.

It is rich in flavonoids and protective, anti-oxidant tannins as well as plant sugars with softening and hydrating properties

Proven hydration

An hour after applying Intense Source Cream, a significant increase in the skin’s hydration levels has been observed representing 48.5%.

The moisturising effect continues 24 hours after application.

A community cream

Since March 2020, our Intense Source Cream has helped nursing staff and supported the brand’s community actions at hospitals in Poissy near Paris and Bordeaux and in French overseas territories.


Hydrates and enhances…

The fluid texture of Teint Passion (98.3% natural ingredients) provides adjustable coverage and enhances skin tone whilst moisturising. Passion flower seed oil and peach and aloe extracts soothe and protect.

Tone is even, radiant… Passionately.


Coveted by all, the natural oil extracted from the passion flower’s seeds contains essential fatty acids and precious omega 6 which gently protect the face from dehydration. Vitamin E, an anti-free radical, helps prevent signs of ageing while vitamin K reduces redness by stimulating cutaneous micro-circulation. Its exceptional nutritional properties provide flexibility for silky, radiant skin.


Teint Passion releases a green accord, fresh and sparkling, which becomes floral with water lily. Then mimosa and tuberose announce the woody base notes with comforting amber.


Extra care…

Delicate areas are particularly fragile and deserve all our attention.

From the age of 30, stress, pollution, blinking and simply tiredness can cause the appearance of dark circles and the first wrinkles.

Skin around the eyes is five times thinner than skin elsewhere on the body and the lip area is particularly dry and delicate because it has no sebaceous glands.

Sentéales has carefully selected natural active ingredients adapted to these sensitive areas, which give them freshness, radiance and brightness, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae (from beer yeast), witch-hazel and liquorice extracts and cornflower water.


Eye area – Lip area

Eye patches

We immediately fall in love with a panda’s dark eye patches, but are less enamoured of the effect when we encounter the same dark circles around our reflection in the mirror.

Eye & Lip contour cream

A fine cream, it softens and immediately comforts sensitive areas around the eyes and lips. Saccharomyces cerevisiae helps reduce the size of bags and diminish dark circles.


Liquorice extract helps lighten delicate areas that are often dark around the eyes while improving pigmentation marks and reducing redness…

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