The Art of formulation

In France, the home of modern aromatherapy, Sentéales takes meticulous care to design and manufacture high-performance treatments that are an invitation to a unique sensory experience.

The Laboratory excels in the art of blending carefully selected completely natural active plant ingredients and essential oils to create kind products of unrivalled naturalness, meeting the needs of every skin type. In the brand’s perfect garden, we find plant extracts and essential oils of magnolia, camellia, Damask rose, black orchid, cinnamon and myrrh, combined with the elegant simplicity of patiently harvested French mint or cherry blossom.

Sentéales shakes up accepted paradigms, (re)balancing nature and luxury, efficiency and hedonism. It produces exceptional products dressed in delicate violet, environmentally friendly and eco-designed. Paying close attention to how its values are translated into genuine commitments, the Laboratory is also reputed for its responsible performances and has an ambition to build a desirable future, returning to nature what Sentéales owes.

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Our favorites

Discover the products that make you fall in love

Insolent youth cream

A meltingly soft texture and velvety feel envelops the skin in the ultimate comfort…

97,00 €

Botanical firming cream

A few delicious gourmet notes announce the appearance of a perfectly sculpted silhouette.

72,00 €

Body oil

Once upon a time, a wish came true for a divine caress wrapping the body in ultimate comfort.

75,00 €

Glittering oil

Glittering oil, by Sentéales, illuminates the face and body with an irresistible halo of light.

68,00 €


Science and conscience

The science of the study of plants invariably brings to mind nostalgic images of large, scholarly pictures of plants with Latin names, wonderful expertly drawn flowers and patiently coloured watercolours, the compendia and illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

A parent to aromatherapy and phytotherapy, botany evokes both Theophrastus and Linné’s binomial nomenclature. But it also reminds us that plants generate oxygen, are food and allow other forms of life to exist. This science is enriched by the most recent discoveries, whether this involves research into chemotypes or new innovative procedures for extracting essential oils.

It is a living science where knowledge of the plant world helps us understand ever more precisely past and future environmental changes. It represents a universal conscience that encourages us to take action.

Botany is an old yet modern word. It teaches us humility and inspires the passion that we use to formulate our products.

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For delicate skin subject to general redness, the Sentéales Laboratory has developed this gentle and highly concentrated serum…

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Purifying mask

A combination of gentiana extracts, including amarogentin which is known for its astringent properties and samphire, rich in marine salt, iodine and minerals, the Sentéales Purifying Mask…

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Middle Ages

In the 12th century, one of the significant figures of gemmotherapy was Hildegard de Bingen…

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When the night comes…

Day creams, night creams… The first are known for their protection. The second are famed for their repairing properties. The reality is often more nuanced…

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What if the best way to arrive was on a dotted line…Every man and every woman is a discovery, a precious elsewhere.

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Liquorice extract helps lighten delicate areas that are often dark around the eyes while improving pigmentation marks and reducing redness…

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Élixirs d’Arômes

Essential. Essential like “essentia”, the Latin root that means “the nature of something”… An essential oil represents (with the complete oil, the “totum”), the quintessence of a plant in the form of a volatile aromatic concentrate.
A not quite obvious yet obvious fact: a pure essential oil by its very essence is not oily…

Since the dawn of time, the benefits of essential oils have been known by every civilisation. In India they are mentioned in the holy Vedas books. They were understood in China too and in Egypt their use has been recorded since the reign of Amenhotep I. The Egyptians had already mastered the processes of maceration, distillation and extraction through enfleurage. These powerful elixirs, extracts of nard, myrrh and sandalwood, slowly took up their unique place where original scientific ideas and holy, magical traditions meet.

Rare, precious, sometimes from faraway climes or more common origins but always exceptional, these essential oils are the very heart of Sentéales’ products. Made using environmentally-friendly extraction processes, they are blended and combined with other active plant ingredients, their effectiveness distilled and refined to offer beauty for every skin type.

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