Black diamond

Truffles have not always been a refined, rare and sought-after ingredient. On the contrary, they were for a long time hidden before becoming so precious.

According to Theophrastus, they are born of the earth’s water and lightning striking the ground. But this strange tuber was done a disservice by strange beliefs and a scandalous reputation during the Middle Ages. They were to be found where witches danced at dusk around oak trees. As black as the souls of the damned, the Inquisition declared them abominable.

We owe their return to favour to François I who admired them for their aphrodisiac properties. And in the early 19th century thanks to Brillat-Savarin, they became the black diamond in fine food with the incredible flavour that we find today in exceptional dishes.

Sentéales uses truffles, harvested in France, for the tuber’s lesser-known yet just as admirable property: the capacity to act as a powerful natural botox when combined with a mixture of amino acids and peptides, providing an anti-wrinkle lift effect, with immediate firming and plumping results.