Inspired cosmetics…

Sentéales shakes up accepted paradigms, (re)balancing nature and luxury, efficiency and hedonism, science and conscience… 

The laboratory has created an exceptional, desirable and eco-designed product, more than ever before combining effectiveness and sensory appeal in products that are ever more immersive.

As France is the birthplace of modern aromatherapy, naturally all Sentéales products are developed, formulated and made in the country. This French production is in balance with inspirations from afar, whether in a formula, the choice of precious extracts from foreign plants or the Laboratory’s use of the best treatment practices from all over the world.

Because this is our only planet and because botany is a living science through which plants help us understand ever more precisely past and future environmental changes, the Laboratory is also famous for its eco-responsible performances that help return to nature what Sentéales owes.


Less is more…

Concern for the environment is a major challenge and the Sentéales Laboratory has been a pioneer many times in this area (using polymers made from sugar cane residue for our packaging, plant-based inks, etc.), but in the future this concern will not set us apart; it will become the standard, an obvious position.


“Less is more” is more than ever relevant and the search for simplicity helps us design products that are both desirable and kind to the environment.


Sentéales is a subscriber to prudent simplicity; the Laboratory has a small range but one with infinite possibilities thanks to cross-use of products, in synergy or as a complementary treatment.



Made in France

For Sentéales, French production represents historic expertise, high-quality products and know-how that is synonymous with creativity and innovation.
Manufacturing in France also involves and promotes local businesses.


The Sentéales Laboratory is recognised for the complex blending of 100% natural essential oils from environmentally friendly extraction processes and offers products with unrivalled naturalness.


The Laboratory relays an elegant and kind image while celebrating authentic roots based on expert knowledge of aromatherapy.


Green fingers…

Day after day, we improve the design and materials used in our packaging to reduce their environmental impact.

Our boxes and all our advertising use partially recycled paper made with pure cellulose fibre from responsible sources and with organic inks. Particular attention is given to reducing the inking surfaces.

Resin lids, caps and tops with properties unique to the brand are not made from petrochemical derivatives and we are progressively generalising the use of plant-based alternatives to fossil resources for our tubes and bottles, significantly helping reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, since its beginnings with “Les Perles”, Sentéales has limited the loss of products that have any visual defects.


Les Perles

The pearl: A symbol of perfection, the best of its kind…

A smooth rounded jewel…

They’ve been bashed about, are not quite perfect… They can’t walk in a straight line any more… They’re damaged… Unfortunately today, repair costs more than disposal. Officially, these “pearls” do not exist…or to be more precise, they disappear discreetly. It’s a shame. But a flaw can be lucky. And Sentéales offers you these pearls to make you happy… Their difference is also in the price: half that of a regular product.

For most, their elegant case (box) is slightly damaged or they have tiny flaws so we keep them away from our other products. Our highly vigilant quality department keeps an eye on them. For each one, the anomaly is explained as precisely as possible. They are transparent pearls.
The formulation and quality of the product itself and the actual contents are in no way different from a regular product. It is exactly the same. It is merely a question of presentation, as if our pearls wanted to go to a party in the wrong clothes and at the wrong time…

There are not many of them because we are very careful…

Made in France


Plants may be the cornerstone of the pharmacopoeia of ancient civilisations, a Persian alchemist may have invented the still and phytotherapy may be unquestionably represented in all cultures, all customs and every era but it is 20th century France where modern aromatherapy as we know it and practise it today took shape. Since then, it has been enriched by the most recent discoveries, whether this involves research into chemotypes or new innovative procedures for extracting essential oils.

For Sentéales, French production represents historic expertise, high-quality products and know-how that are globally recognised. Synonymous with creativity and innovation, manufacturing in France also involves and promotes local businesses. Sentéales privileges local distribution networks, for example in procuring its French supply of many labelled active plant ingredients: cherry blossom in its moisturising range (Source Intense Cream, Source Intense Mask), the grains used for its hyaluronic acid, mint (Cooling Gel for Lighter Legs), truffles…

The closeness of its partners means Sentéales can reduce travel. The components in its products are mainly French but also Italian and German. A Sentéales cream is presented, in complete transparency, in a glass jar made in the Bresle Valley or Bavaria and decorated in Vendée. It is protected by film produced in Eure and an elegant lid from Sarthe. It is packaged with its leaflet in a box printed in Oise…


& exclusive

Just as Braille is a tactile writing system that uses raised dots for people who are visually impaired or blind, inclusivity is essential for well-being and a sense of belonging; we are taking steps to ensure that all communication with our community members is reflective of those values. In the first case, the dots make information accessible. In the second, they re-balance mental representations of gender.

For Sentéales, the future is both inclusive and exclusive. Vegan certification, Braille on boxes for our body care line, cosmetics that embrace freedom and emotions, an even more holistic approach… The Laboratory works on cosmetics for every man and every woman. However, Sentéales also offers eminently exclusive products and lays claim to a very feminine identity.

We patiently develop high-performing, kind products that are far-removed from sterilised images in glossy magazines and aesthetic diktats that can be excluding. We are convinced that every woman is unique and that beauty is diverse.

Faithful to its values and concerned with making beauty accessible to everyone regardless of their gender with “Les Perles” and “Sentéales For Students”, in France, the Laboratory provides permanent access to its online store at preferential prices.




For people who can see, the language takes on a mysterious edge inviting you to touch. We put Braille on our boxes to provide the visually impaired or blind access to product information.


In line with European regulations, Sentéales products are not tested on animals. The Laboratory has launched a voluntary initiative to obtain Eve Vegan® certification for part of its range. The products already certified are clearly identified.


Because beauty has no age, in France, students benefit from discounts on products from our online store. Enjoy best deals on your next purchase.