A fascinating tree, the magnolia incites humility. Researchers have found traces of the tree before the Cretaceous extinction; the last dinosaurs encountered this tree before their disappearance, while man was still a long way off… A few million years later in the early 18th century, the name was created by Father Charles Plumier as a tribute to Pierre Magnol, a botanist from Montpellier, one of the pioneers of the modern classification system for plants by family.

There are about a hundred species of magnolia often characterised by a majestic velvety flower and waxy leaves that release a delicate, soothing fragrance. The sunny notes of the magnolia are not often used in perfumery even if the champak (the joy perfume tree) with its orange flowers has been enjoying a justified comeback over the last twenty years. The magnolia is also known for its detoxifying and regenerative qualities which make it a really nourishing tonic for the skin.

One of Sentéales’ favourite trees, we use magnolia grandiflora in our products, recognisable with its very fragrant white flower and its leaves with a russet underside.