When the night comes.

Day creams, night creams… The first are known for their protection. The second are famed for their repairing properties.

The reality is often more nuanced. We know that at night skin is subject to less aggression and is therefore more receptive to active ingredients (especially between two and four in the morning). But it is also important not to ask too much of it.

For a sensible anti-ageing routine for those who like night creams, our beauticians recommend reasonable use of one single cream: Insolent Youth.

An essential day cream, the formulation of Insolent Youth Cream is also particularly well-suited to night-time use. It will happily supplement the protective Serum, applied during the day and at night you can combine it with a few drops of Insolent Youth Elixir to boost its effects.

The innovative combination of raspberry seed oil with cherry flower extract and essential helichrysum oil helps keep skin younger. Peptides combined with hyaluronic acid help reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles.

But what makes Insolent Youth Cream so pleasant at night is its creamy, rich texture with a silky feel that envelops the skin in divine comfort along with its delicate fragrance…

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