Middle Ages

When we think of aromatherapy, we either turn back the clock to ancient roots and distant civilisations, or we think of modern aromatherapy. But the Middle Ages also made a considerable contribution to improving our knowledge about the properties of plants.

With the Medieval era that often combined visions, poetic illustrations and sciences, we have discovered sensitive and sensible testimonials in the form of illuminated pages that immediately raised botany to the status of Art.

In the 12th century, one of the significant figures of this burgeoning discipline was Hildegard of Bingen. An astonishing nun, founder of monasteries, doctor, naturalist, musician and painter, she devised an original botanical classification and researched the therapeutic and beneficial properties of plants in a holistic approach. In her Liber de Arboribus, she dedicated a large section to trees and in particular the study of buds; this intuition will be theorised much later with gemmotherapy.

We also use lime buds in our Insolent Youth Cream and Serum. With her independent temperament free of preconceived ideas, Hildegard of Bingen is a resolutely inspiring woman for Sentéales.

Illustration from Liber Floridus, by Lambert – 1120.

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