Garden of Eden…

Sentéales’ elegant image is a legacy of French tradition combined with modern aromatherapy. But behind its timeless and optimistic serenity, behind the brand’s talismanic violet colour, we find remarkably effective products and treatments.

As perfume’s twin sister, essential oils are noble and delicate materials and on occasion, the laboratory becomes a goldsmith using 24-carat gold and black pearls. But of course, Sentéales appreciates simple, beautiful materials like lavender, litsea, almond…

Sentéales may have a small range but it has infinite possibilities thanks to cross-use of products, in synergy or as complementary products. Combining elixir, serum and cream has become an obvious solution.

Sentéales beauticians devise genuine tailor-made treatment routines to meet the needs of every skin type. After all, beauty is diverse and every woman is unique…



An essential oil is a complex and living substance, the very soul of a plant. It contains aromatic molecules that have beneficial and effective properties in skin treatment. Every oil, every plant extract has its own, targeted characteristics. The effectiveness and particularity of a product stems from these properties and the pertinence of their combinations.

Essential oils, genuine concentrates of effectiveness in the purest state, are the foundation behind Sentéales products. Rare, precious and often from distant lands, carefully selected, they are blended with other active plant ingredients distilling all their properties at the service of every skin type.

With its exceptional essential oils, the key components in its creations, Sentéales offers a range of unique products.




The science of the study of plants invariably brings to mind nostalgic images of large, scholarly pictures of plants with Latin names and wonderful flowers.

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Since its beginnings, Sentéales established itself in Paris, the City of Light. It embraced the principle of French luxury based on the art of presentation, attention to detail and an essential touch of impertinence…


We have all encountered the often complicated Latin names of active plant ingredients used in cosmetics.
They contain two words, the first refers to the genus, the second a specific designation: the species.

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Natural sciences…

Aromatherapy is a treatment approach based on the knowledge of aromatic extracts and essences from certain plants, citrus fruits, resins and wood.

It has been used for millennia and its ancestral expertise has been recorded all over the world: from Cleopatra and her Kosmètikon to botanist Pierre Magnol who gave his name to the magnolia, the mystical notes of myrrh, incense and nard, from the Queen of Sheba’s perfume to camellia flowers, a symbol of immortality in Japan used for their anti-ageing properties…

In the 20th century, France became the home of modern aromatherapy. Progress in chromatography and the fundamental concept of the chemotype have improved the identification process for the main active ingredients in the extracts used. Some distillation methods can preserve almost all of a plant’s components (the “totum”). By contrast, supercritical fluid extraction, a more recent method, can isolate and very precisely remove a molecule or a component.

Sentéales represents the culmination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy research, the perfect balance between the benefits provided by nature and the most recent scientific discoveries. By naturally creating exceptional treatments and products, Sentéales places the properties of plants at the service of beauty.

Aromatherapy makes: “The impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.“


Beauty at its most diverse…

Essentials, scents, senses, ideals… Sentéales.
Centella, sandalwood, strength, sentimental… Sentéales.

The name “Sentéales”… It makes you smile. When you say the word “Sentéales”, the zygoma and muscles, particularly in the two corners of the mouth but also around the eyes, give the face a “Sentéales” smile: an affable expression, a moment of understanding.
Sentéales is a plural word because beauty can never be singular and well-being never self-centred.

Sentéales chose as its colour a delicate violet highlighted by a precious silver line. This colour is a reference to sweet violet, also called Parma violet.

Violet decongests tissue and gives skin tone and elasticity, but this violet colour has been extracted from lichen since the 14th century. “It is with orcein that we produce this magnificent violet colour…”

Pharmacy and chemistry journal – 1850.

Violet symbolises calm, serenity and purity, three values very dear to Sentéales.




Aromatherapy makes: “The impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant. “
This motto, this mindset that we have made our own is inseparable from every one of our creations.


Violet has the rare property of being a warm or cool colour…
Sentéales’ violet, inspired by the flower, is a romantic shade that stimulates creativity.
In that way, it is our Proust’s madeleine.

Heart, star, lightning…

If Sentéales was written in symbols, if we needed a rebus puzzle to describe who we are, inevitably the first symbol would be the heart, expressing the passion we put into creating our products…

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And appearances…

An encounter with Sentéales provokes genuine emotion through the colours, textures, feel and fragrances… Everything invites you on a unique sensory experience.

Our ambition is to provide a serious beneficial cosmetic product that offers pleasure too.

Far-removed from sterilised images in glossy magazines, the Sentéales Laboratory is convinced that beauty is diverse and what really counts is to feel good in your own skin… Our products are not just about appearances and even less about superficiality. Sentéales helps fight imperfections, certain skin problems and can help improve self-esteem.

Sentéales is also there for active women every day with travel-size products that have immediate effects, providing a breath of fresh, optimistic air with genuine anti-gloom remedies like its Enchanted Oils.

Far from aesthetic diktats and “suffering to be beautiful”, Sentéales’ idea of beauty represents both resistance and freedom.



Essential oils

For Sentéales they are the alpha and omega, the beating heart of each of its creations. But they are truly given pride of place in the Elixir d’Arômes range.

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Made in France

For Sentéales, French

production represents historic expertise, high-quality products and know-how that is synonymous with creativity and innovation.

Manufacturing in France also involves and promotes local businesses.

Collection Privée

Designed to match seasons, harvests and people, the Collection Privée celebrates a bold elegance.

Violet, the brand’s emblematic colour, illuminates the dark bottles, these melting pots of rare, uncompromising formulas.

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